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Easy Healthy Snacks for your Preschooler

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

I think we all agree that we want to feed our children the best foods we can. As a generation who grew up on a lot of fast food, sugary cereals, and processed snacks, we don't plan on making the same mistakes our parents made. Here are some easy snacks to feed your child around the house or put in their backpack for him or her to take to preschool.

My children are toddler age and younger so that's where my experience currently lies. Obviously older children will have an easy time eating these snacks without much difficulty.

One of my tips is cutting food into long strips that your child can easily grasp and feed themselves with. Nothing is more exciting than watching your child feed themselves, especially if they learn to start dipping their food into hummus. I then cut them long ways into sticks. These sticks are easy for children to eat because their little hands can hold it much easier than a round slice.

Cucumbers - A very easy snack. While my kids will sometimes try to eat it whole, uncut and unpeeled, I find slicing it into sticks to be the easiest way for them to eat it. I find my littlest one who is beginning to grow teeth likes to gnaw at the seeds and tends to eat all but the outer skin. If you're into home gardening, collect any uneaten food scraps to consider starting a compost pile. Cucumbers are very hydrating and a good snack for your child to practice dipping.

Carrots - Another easy snack, but teeth are recommended. Steaming carrots is an easy way to make a more edible treat for your little ones. Another easy vegetable to cut into sticks and good for dipping.

Bell Peppers - I was really surprised to see how my children took to bell peppers. Easy to cut and eat, these have a nice crunch and flavor that makes them a favorite.

Bananas - I find my kids go through phases of loving bananas and being indifferent to them. There are times where I suggest a banana and they'll want to scarf it down without a second thought. There are also times where they look at it like it's from another planet and are quick to give it back. In my experience, I find that little ones need to banana peeled fully for them to eat it but there are times where they want it mostly peeled and then hold it by the end. t's usually a mood thing so you have to see what they want.

Tomatoes - My children love tomatoes. I'm surprised how much they eat them because I never remember being this wild about tomatoes at any point in my life. Cherry tomatoes are easiest to quarter for the children to give them easy, digestible slices that they can eat. The only drawback to tomatoes is that they'll get nice red stains on their clothes after eating them. I've never had an issue with them washing out.

The choices for what fruits and vegetables to offer your children as snacks are endless. Apples, pears, and berries are easy additions to the list. Never be afraid to offer your children fruits and vegetables to try. Sit and eat them with together. Interaction with your children is always precious and sitting and eating together is a great time to bond. If you can show them how beautiful foods are with their wide array of colors and how tasty they are with their sweet, tart, or sour flavors, how they are yummy to dip in hummus, you can take pride in knowing your child is beginning to learn how to choose good foods and develop healthy eating habits.

Lastly, it's smart to keep these yummy treats in an easy to transport container for your child. I find reusable snack bags to be my preferred method as it helps reduce plastic waste. Sometimes the children find them a little difficult to use, so the Take and Toss cups are a nice alternative.

What do you like to pack your children's snacks? What are their favorite snacks? The beautiful part of parenting is being able to learn from other parents in a non-judgemental way.

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